Library Card Policy


Any individual wishing to borrow materials or access electronic resources at Catahoula Parish Library must present a valid Catahoula Parish Library card.  To obtain a card, an individual must meet the qualifications of an eligible borrower.  The borrower types and general requirements are below:

General Requirements:

  • There is no charge for the first card, but replacements for lost or damaged cards will be charged a fee of $1.00.
  • The borrower must be a resident of Catahoula Parish or obtain a waiver from the Director to obtain a card.
  • Proof of identification and current mailing address will be required to register for a Library Card. Acceptable identification and proof of mailing address include:
    • A Louisiana valid driver’s license bearing current mailing address
    • Other picture ID such as Louisiana ID, school Id, etc.
    • Checkbook showing current address
    • Mail with date cancellation showing current mailing address
    • Receipt from payment of utility or rent bills within the parish showing current address
    • Lease agreement showing current address

Adult Type Cards

  • Must meet General Requirements
  • Must apply for their card in person (exceptions for home bound)
  • Entitles the holder to submit ILL requests
  • Enables holder access to Louisiana State Library databases
  • Enables holder to Catahoula Parish Library e-book collection
  • Enables holder to Bookmobile services and all branch services

Child Type Cards

  • A child’s parent, stepparent, grandparent, or legal guardian must apply for the card and meet the General Requirements listed above. A person other than parent, stepparent, grandparent, or legal guardian cannot make application.
  • The parent, stepparent, grandparent, or legal guardian making the request is held responsible for all material checked out by the child.
  • The parent, stepparent, grandparent, or legal guardian making the request is responsible for teaching the child the rules and guidelines concerning borrowed materials.

In order to safeguard the Library collection, fines and fees are charged for overdue and/or damaged materials (see fine and fee policy).  Patrons with outstanding fines and/or fees may have their borrowing privileges suspended until their fines/fees are paid.

Loan & Renewal Periods

Books, magazines, audio books, and books on CD check out for 14 days.  A total of 10 items may be checked out per card.

Items are renewed from the date of renewal–not the original due date.

Test Prep books may be checked out for only 7 days and requires a deposit.

An item may not be renewed if another patron has an open reservation for that title.


Fines and Fees Policy


Fines are as follows for overdue materials:

  1. Books – $.10 a day
  2. Audio Books – $.25 a day
  3. Interlibrary Loan materials- $1.00 a day
  4. Study Guides – $1.00 per day
  5. All other material- $.25 a day
  6. Maximum fine for any item is $5.00
  7. Fines will not be charged for any days the Library is not open (Ex: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays)
  8. Patrons may NOT check out additional materials after five (5) books are overdue and/or $5.00 or more in fines


The librarian has the right to cancel fines as he/she deems necessary.


Printing from computers:

Patrons that choose to print from computers to library printers shall incur the following charges:

Black and White is $.25 a page

Color is $1.00 a page


Patrons are encouraged to seek assistance if they are unsure of procedures for printing from a computer.  Patron is responsible for paying for all pages they print.


Catahoula Parish school students may print up to five black and white pages at no charge if the material being printed is research based for classroom projects.  An example of this would be several pages on the life of George Washington for a project in class on George Washington.  An example of printing that is not considered research and would not be available for free printing would be printing of worksheets or other practice materials.  The librarian has the final say on what is research.  Check with librarian for approval BEFORE you print.


Copier Usage:

Patrons may have copies made by librarian for $.25 a copy.  No free copies will be made.

  1. Two-sided copies will be $.50 for black and white
  2. Patrons are not allowed to bring their own paper or other supplies for use in Library copier or fax



Patrons may send and receive faxes at library at the following rates:

$2.00 for the first page

$.75 for every other page



  1. Any material that becomes wet, burned, or warped beyond use will be charged at the full price of the item plus a $2.00 processing fee.
  2. Torn pages … $1.00 per page
  3. Cover damaged (bent or torn but repairable) … $1.00
  4. Written in or colored in (to the extent it is unusable) … full price plus $2.00 processing fee
  5. Replacement CDs for Books-on-CD are $5.00 each
  6. Note: if a patron suffers from an act of nature (house fire, tornado, flood, etc.) and library materials are damaged or destroyed, then those materials will be fully forgiven and no fee will be charged.



  1. A patron who has lost or destroyed an item belonging to the library will be required to pay the full price of the item plus $2.00 processing fee
  2. If no price is shown on the computer, consult with the Director. An average cost is as follows:
    1. $25.00 per book
    2. $15.00 per DVD/Video
    3. $20.00 per Book on CD
  3. If an item is returned within a six-month period from the date of payment for the lost item, then the patron will receive a refund of the funds and then be charged the overdue fine. After six months, there will be no refunds.



Catahoula Parish Library offers laminating services for patrons.  The cost for laminating will be $0.50 per item.  Patrons may leave their items with librarian along with their payment and return later to pick up laminated items.

Patron Responsibilities

Abide by library policies and procedures.

Accept responsibility for all use of your library card.

Be responsible, as a parent, for the use of your child’s card.

Bring your library card with you when visit the library.

Pay all fines and fees incurred on your library card.

Any damage to items while checked out on a card is the responsibility of the cardholder.

Rules of behavior for Patrons.

Patron Use of Library Computers.

Children 9 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult or mature adolescent.